Wir sind sehr stolz das deutsche Team des neuen Waffenherstellers PHX Phoenix AG aus der Schweiz zu sein um die Sportwaffen präsentieren zu können. 

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Want to see a Phoenix Redback in the wild? Maybe cap some round’s? Talk to our shooter Robert Koch at the IPSC World Shoot in Thailand.

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Fotos von Team Phoenix Germanys Beitrag

Double – Double in Quickborn 🏅🏅

This werkende André and Mathias winning at the German Area 2 Regional Championship in Quckborn.

André – 1st Classic Overall / Regional Champion
Mathias – 1st Sehen Sie mehr

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PHX Phoenix AG


PHOENIX Redback are uncompromised quality 🔥 #phoenixredback #phoenixers #phoenixshooter #guns

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Fotos von Team Phoenix Germanys Beitrag

Also the first level 3 match for Olaf and Mathias this year. The Black-Ops-Coffee Match in Düsseldorf. Very nice and quick match.

Olaf completed as 2nd Production Senior
Mathias, 3rd Production Sehen Sie mehr

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PHX Phoenix AG


Original Duotone, black, or silver grips ?
Or colors ? More to come ⚪️⚫️🔵🔴🟤

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Our Olaf won the fourth match in a row this weekend. Congratulations and keep it up!

1st Production Overall – Nikolaus Match (Philippsburg)

#teamphoenixgermany #redback #ipsc PHX Phoenix AG Sehen Sie mehr

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What is your favorite bullet weight for 9mm?

1️⃣ 124gn
2️⃣ 135gn
3️⃣ 147gn

Please write down your answer in the comment 👍

At the pictures you see Frontier CMJ Restrike Bullets RN Sehen Sie mehr

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Fotos von Team Phoenix Germanys Beitrag

Two matches at this weekend:
24th Schleswig-Holstein Match in Quickborn: Mathias finished as 2nd in Production Optics and Andrè as 7st in Production.
Olaf has completed the “Flying Bullets” Match Sehen Sie mehr

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New basepads from M-Arms for the Redback.
Good grip, easy release

#teamphoenixgermany #phoenix #redback #marms #basepad

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Fotos von Team Phoenix Germanys Beitrag

As every year in November, the BANG e.V. hosted the IPSC Charity Match in favor of the Mobile Children and Youth Hospice MOKI (www.moki.de) at the Indoor-Shooting in Hannover/Gabsen.

This year, Sehen Sie mehr

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